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Last BootCamp class/Website/Hump Day Challenge

Hello crew,

Well, the long awaited time has come….this Wednesday at 12:10 we will say goodbye to BootCamp at the Church and say hello to it at FUEL!  I will no longer be teaching Monday’s at Fuel….Monday’s will move to Wednesday’s starting in NOVEMBER!  My new class schedule ALL at Fuel will be:  Tuesday Spinning, Wednesday Cardio/Fusion (aka BootCamp) and Thursday Barbell.  Next Monday will be the last Cardio/Fusion class–then in November Luke will be teaching Tabata on Monday’s!  Ohhhh, it’s going to be so fun!
I just know you are going to miss my colorful emails….well, UNLESS you “Follow” me on my website. (  I’ve heard the little “Follow” button is hard to find, so take a look at the attachment.  I hope that helps!  Once you click follow you will be prompted to type in your email address.  DON’T forget to confirm it, or you won’t be all the way into the system!  Just do it NOW and get it over with!  
BootCamp will be full of PODS for our last send off!  You won’t want to miss this one!  And please let me know if you plan on attending out “Lunch” good bye the following week (October 29)

Wednesday Hump Day Challenge – No additional salt to any food for the REST of the week!  Challenge starts WEDNESDAY at breakfast and ends SUNDAY at 8:00 pm
Whew!  That’s a TON of stuff!

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