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Feeling energetic?

Ahhhh, to be young again…..remember the days where you jumped and played and didn’t think about making it about burning calories?  Those days aren’t over, they may just look and feel differently.  Put the FUN back into burning calories! How?

  1. Get a workout buddy
  2. Get a box (or a step, or maybe NOTHING)
  3. Get ready to have fun
  4. Perform a task (like hop up)
  5. Your buddy mimics you
  6. Repeat with a different task
  7. Challenge your buddy by going faster or slower
  8. HAVE FUN (laughter works the core muscles better than anything else!)

Thanks for having fun while burning calories Brayden and James!

P.S. I subbing TABATA today for the proud new papa LUKE!!  Congrats Luke!!


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