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Quitting Sugar Tips (11 Burpees today!)

12 Tips to Quit Sugar. I went 30 days without sugar and lost 16 pounds. If I can do it, you can do it. NOW if I had just stuck to it :(:

1. Admit You’re An Addict – Admittance is the first step to recovery.  If your mind is not sold on detoxing, your body never will be!

2. Define Sugar – Outline exactly what you CAN’T have and what you CAN have.  Write it down and post it on your fridge or cupboard.

3. Get it Out of Your House – Just remove the temptation. Purge your house of all the CAN’T haves.  Replace the shelves with fat snacks instead of sugar snacks.  Raw almonds, pine nuts pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, Walnuts, pecans etc.

4. Look for Hidden Culprits –  Hidden culprits (sugar) usually reside in so-called “healthy” processed food.  For example:  instant oatmeal.  There is added sugar in those cute little packets of convenience.

5. Give it 2 Weeks – It may take  2 weeks to get the sugar out of your system.  Detox symptoms may include:  lethargy, headaches, runny noses, irritability and a lack of energy.  This is normal, when you get thru it you will feel like a new person!

6. Drink Lots of Water – When you are having a really bad hankering for sugar, one of your best bets is a big glass of cold water. Water is great for your body to cleanse and detox but it will also refresh your system and it helps with cravings. Add some lemon or lime wedges.

7. Treat Yourself – Quitting sugar doesn’t mean that you can’t have “treats” in your life.  Here are some allowable “treats” :

8. Use natural sugar substitutes – Stevia or Agave are GREAT natural substitutes that you can bake with or add to your coffee without spiking your sugar levels.

9. Eating Out – Make a plan before you go. Remind yourself, your spouse, your date, your friends and family that you are off the juice and that you won’t be ordering any dessert tonight. They’ll hold you accountable, and you will have made a mental plan in advance.

10. Involve Your Family – Just because you are off sugar doesn’t mean that they are, however you can also challenge them to make some healthy choices. As you eliminate the sugary stuff from your cupboards, make sure you’ve replaced it with something else easy to grab and snack on. You’re not the only one in the house.

11. Start a Pool/Challenge – Misery loves company, but the pain and suffering of getting off the sugar can be a little sweeter if you’ve got an incentive at the end of 3 months.  Whatever your vice is,  (ex. latte’s every morning on the way to work) put that money you used to spend in a jar each week and reward yourself at the end of 3 months!

12. One Step at a Time – You can’t quit everything all at once. If you are trying to go off gluten, or dairy, etc. don’t throw sugar on top of it. BEST OF LUCK!!

Barbell MANIA today!  Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50  BE THERE!

Don't give up.:


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