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At home workout for beginners!! (39 push ups today!)

Ultimate at home workout For Beginners! NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED. Printable version also available. Lose up to 5 pounds in a month without dieting! | Touch of A Blog More amazing and interesting stuff about crossfit at

So many times I’m asked by my followers about the things I post if “they” can do the challenges, follow the tips, and do the exercises I blog about or if my blogs only pertain to my clients.  My answer:  “If you are reading my blog, it pertains to YOU and YOU absolutely should be doing them!”  So PLEASE, PLEASE SHARE my blog–promote it to anyone and everyone who cares about health and wellness.  I believe in spreading the good cheer and reaching as many people as possible!  So feel free to PLAY ALONG!  The more the merrier!  (Please share!)

Speaking of sharing….let’s share some laughs, sweat and tears (of happiness) at Barbell class TODAY 12:10 – 12:50 Fuel Fitness!  Sure would love to see you there!

so true:


2 thoughts on “At home workout for beginners!! (39 push ups today!)”

  1. Thanks Anneliese!! You must have been talking to me! Missing you ladies and class. Love my tank and the card was so sweet! Thank you thank you!! Brooke

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