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Happy 2016!

January 2016

Welcome 2016!  Let’s make this year different- Instead of making negative unrealistic resolutions, make positive realistic AFFIRMATIONS by a simple change in wording and thought processes.  For example:

I can’t believe how easily weight falls off of me because I continually make wise food choices.

Instead of:

I will lose 50 pounds by June


Just the words will lose are negative in nature causing your subconscious to gravitate toward down thinking.  Losing, does not equate to winning in your mind when weight is exactly what you want to lose!  Choose your words wisely when writing down your goals and make sure you phrase them in an UP THINKING way.  Write them as if you are experiencing them RIGHT NOW!  YOU GOT THIS!

 Now make sure you crank out 20 burpees, 30 pushups, 40 squats and 50 lunges before midnight tonight!


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