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Sit quietly for 5 minutes?

Find your zen with these helpful inspirational meditation sayings.:

Make it a formal practice.  Morning is ideal for most of us because it’s quieter, your brain isn’t full of a day’s worth of nonsense, and there’s less of a chance of being interrupted. Wake up, go into a different room (or outside), stretch, and meditate.

Try a candle.  Meditating can be challenging for us newbies, and a candle can act as a point of focus. A visual cue like a candle can help you strengthen and focus your attention

It all starts with your breath.  Take deep breaths through the nose.  Deep breathing slows your heart, relaxes your muscles, and helps focus your mind.

Commit to the long haul.  Practice makes perfect, even with meditation.  Like pretty much everything else in life you are not going to be amazing at meditation the first few times you try. Stick with meditation, give it at least a month.

Meditation is about letting go.  Meditation is not about visualizing, focusing, concentrating, or trying to clear your mind.  It’s about letting go, so relax and let it go.

But don’t stress if you can’t let it go.  You’re not perfect, your meditation is not going to be perfect.  When your mind starts to wander don’t get worked up, just try to refocus.

Experiment. There is no right or wrong way to meditate. Eyes open or closed, sitting up or lying down, inside or outside, music or silence, try any and all combinations until you find something that works for you.

Pick a mantra, or don’t. A mantra is basically a word to keep you focused. “Om” is probably the most well known mantra, but another recommended mantra is “one.”

Finish up with some gratitude. Try to spend the last few minutes of your meditation being grateful. Be grateful for the opportunity to practice meditation, be grateful for your mind’s ability to focus.

Try a 30-minute foot soak pre-meditation.  By adding a 30-minute foot soak I’m now trying to squeeze an hour of meditation time into my already jam packed day. But hey, if you have the time enjoy your foot soak for me. I’m jealous.


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Motivational Quotes I Truly Believe In #motivational #quote:


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