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Client spotlight: Meet Cindy!

cindyI have not been good at anything for years due to the aftermath of my divorce. The black cloud effect encompassed me resulting in poor self esteem which caused neglect to my body. Four months ago I was referred to Anneliese and the black cloud slowly dissipated. The proof is in the numbers! My weight is down 20 pounds, I lost 11.5 inches, my BMI was 39.5 and presently is 35.8, my cholesterol and blood sugar levels are normal and my mindset is constantly changing for the better. I believe I can do this….no I know I can do this…and I will! She literally is the whole package. She coached me mentally, physically and dietary wise. I have learned what works for me and what does not through trial and error. Together we created a new way of life for me. Thank you for supporting me to regain self confidence and assisting me to a better version of myself!!! Anneliese is a great mentor and I highly recommend her. She is infectious and you will be motivated to achieve whatever you set your mind to.  Cindy Rouse

Don’t forget today’s January Challenge is 6 sets, 24 reps of bicycles with 6 tricep push ups after each bicycle set!!   Go-Go-Go team!  January is almost over!

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