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Energy zapping foods top 5!

Energy zapping foods – top 5

  1. Simple carbs – are found in processed foods like candy, white sugar and pop which spike your blood sugar and then cause it to plummet raising havoc with your energy  levels.
  2. Muffins, cereal and bagels – may seem safe if they say “whole grain” but they could still contain refined sugars and high fructose corn syrup.  Look for 100% whole grain options without added preservatives or sugar.  
  3. Poor beverage choices – include alcohol, pop, latte’s, sugary energy drinks that steal energy, disrupt sleep and cause weight gain.  
  4. Fast food – contains refined carbs, added sugar and unhealthy fats.  All of these things rob you of your precious energy because your body has to work twice as hard to rid your system of them.  
  5. Trans fats – are found in processed vegetable oils such as corn and soy oil.  They contribute to inflammation, heart conditions and illness which zaps energy. 

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