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And the burpee winner is…

A HUGE congrats to Garry for ROCKING the Burpee challenge!  The month of February brought a one minute “BEAT YOUR BURPEE number” each week.  Clients were tasked with doing as many burpees in a minute as possible with the goal of beating their own number.  By the end of February, Garry had improved his burpee number by 10!!!  He took home his very own Force Fitness sweat towel!  Congrats Garry!  (This month’s challenge is “BEAT YOUR PUSH UP number.  Timed for 1 minute once a week–join in and play along–  Best of luck!)


Barbell’s are us!  Come and throw around some heavy stuff with me today at 12:10 – 12:50 at Fuel Fitness.  You won’t be mad or sad—you’ll be GLAD you did it!  C’mon over!



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