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Congrats to WINNERS!

Anneliese Swingle

Congrats to these WINNERS of the “4 months to a Swimsuit BODY”  We started in January with a body comp, measurements and a fit test consisting of 1 minute of Burpees, 1 minute of push ups, and 1 minute of V-ups.  We tested each week trying to beat the previous week’s numbers.  The challenge ended in April and look at these results!!  

Most inches lost

  • 1st place:    Julie F.  9 1/2″
  • 2nd place : Jennie H. 8 1/2″
  • 3rd place:   Linda S. and Brenda B. tied at 6 3/4″ 

Most push ups

  • Tie between Garry H. and Renee Q with 78 in 1 minute (all on toes)

Most improved push ups

  • Julie F. improved by 46

Most v-ups

  • Sarah A with 90 in 1 minute

Most improved v-ups

  • Colette H. improved by 40

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