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Post workout snacks

Try one of these 6 delicious, healthy snacks after your workout to help you recover. Our body-fueling recipes combine protein and carbs to help your body quickly turn these foods into energy. We've included snack ideas for protein shakes, yogurt and berries, tuna on whole wheat, hummus and pita, and more.:

So, you’ve just worked out and you don’t have time for a meal, but you NEED something and you need it QUICK!  Check out these EASY post workout snacks:

  • Apple wedges dipped in almond butter
  • Protein shake with a banana
  • Gorp (trail mix)
  • Bell pepper strips dipped in hummus
  • Full fat Greek yogurt and berries
  • Celery sticks and carrot sticks dipped in creamy goat cheese

Cardio/Fusion class today at Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50 OUTSIDE (weather permitting) bring lip balm, sunscreen, WATER, sun glasses and your smiles!  Get ready to sweat to DRILL BITS!  Equipment required:  Med balls, ladders, and tubes!

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