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Black Friday Burn at Fuel Fitness

Join us at FUEL FITNESS- OCTANE ROOM for a Black Friday workout!

What:  Black Friday Burn–  go get those sales, then join us for a multi-trainer workout.  (*Sure to burn off the extra calories from Thanksgiving! *)

When: Friday, November 25.   10AM-Noon. Join us when you can.

Cost:  Bring a toy for Toys for Tots

For whom? –ANYONE.  That’s right! BRING A FRIEND/FAMILY. 

*According to research from the Calorie Control Council, the average American may consume more than 4,500 calories and a whopping 229 grams of fat during a typical holiday gathering from snacking and eating a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with turkey and all the trimmings.

And if you can’t make it Friday there WILL be class TODAY at Fuel Fitness 12:101 – 12:50 in the Octane Studio.  Come and get your calories burned like crazy.  This one is gonna be good.  “Mean up and Lean out” before the holidays strike.  See you soon!

Looking fit and feeling fit are two completely different things, make sure you know the distinction.


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