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This is actually a good running/interval plan.  Even if you are a new runner, this is very doable and scorches the calories!:

No offense…but this is so easy even a I could do it!  Your sprint is YOUR sprint!  It may look like a fast walk, who cares.  Anyone at any fitness level can do this.  I challenge you to do it twice this week!  I wanna hear your results!

“Fall in Line!”  (that’s what we’ll be doing today in Boot camp).  All you have to do is show up and I’ll do the rest.  Oh it’s gonna be a good one.  Kept me up all night thinking/dreaming about it!  See you soon….Fuel Fitness 12:10 -12:50 Octane Studio.

So true! It's amazing how powerful the mind can be! I'm looking for 3 people who are ready to challenge their minds and in turn their bodies. Whatever your health goal may be - weight-loss, energy, strength, bikini-ready. Join me in my accountable online challenge group and we will accomplish our goals together! Send me a private message if interested or an email at #weightloss #gethealthy #fitness:


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