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How to stretch the Psoas muscle


Spa kamper note: great pic of the Psoas:

Simplest Stretch

  • A way to determine if a psoas muscle is extremely tight is to lie on the floor with both legs extended in front of you. Hug one knee into the chest and, if the other leg lifts off the floor, chances are that the psoas of the extended leg is overly tight. Try this on both sides, as one side may be tighter than the other.

    Stretch after doing this analysis. While on the floor, bring both legs to a 90-degree angle; ensure your tailbone stays on the floor. Draw the extended right leg toward your chest using your hands and place the left foot on the floor, knee bent. Slowly inch your foot along the floor, extending the left leg, to stretch the psoas. Go just to the point of mild sensation — not pain. Hold for 20 seconds or longer and repeat on the other side.

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