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Relieve rotator cuff tendonitis


Muscle Strengthening Exercises – These exercises improve shoulder muscle strength, relieve pain when done gently, and help to prevent further injury or problems. The level of resistance or weight size can be increased gradually. Some Mild soreness is OK with these exercises, but stop them if sharp or severe pain occurs. Perform 15 to 20 repetitions of each exercise described fairly slowly to avoid strain and jerking, holding for one to two seconds at full extension for each exercise. You can use hand weights or resistance bands for these exercises.

Outward Rotation Exercise – Hold your arms bent 90 degrees at the elbows, close to your sides. You can use towel between your body and your upper arm it keep it by your side. Swing the affected forearm outward away from your body for about 3 inches or 10 cm, holding for about 5 seconds

Inward Rotation Exercise – This is similar with the band attached to a door handle or something similar.

Arm Lifting Lxercise – Using both arms, bend your arms at the elbow with the resistance band near each elbows and extend your arms out 4-5 inches ( 3 cm) away from your body, holding for about 5 seconds.

External Rotation in Prone Position – Lie on side with your elbow resting on stomach. Slowly rotate arm upwards until your lower arm is just above horizontal. This exercise can be initiated using a 2-3 pound dumbbell.

Horizontal Abduction in Prone Position – Lie on stomach with your arm hanging down vertically with your thumb facing forward. Slowly lift your arm up to the horizontal position side ( not higher as it will cause strain).

Prone Forward Elevation in Prone Position – Lie on stomach with your arm hanging down vertically, but with your thumb facing forward. Slowly raise arm in a forward sweep to an angle of about 45 degrees (don’t go any higher).

Prone Rowing Action – Begin in the same setup as before but with your thumb is facing towards the body. Perform a rowing action with the elbow level with the shoulder as shown.

External Rotation with Resistance Band – Take a position holding the band across your abdomen, with a rolled towel under your arm. Slowly rotate arm horizontally until it is pointing forward, and hold for 3 seconds.

Horizontal Abduction with Resistance Band – Face the attachment pint for the band, with hands holding the handles extended forwards. Slowly pull both arm backwards and out to the side. Keep your arms at shoulder height. As you do this exercise, pull your shoulder blade backwards and inwards at the same time.
Rowing with a Resistance Band – Using the same set up as before, but this time with the hands held horizontal. Start a rowing motion as shown.

Standing Elevation – Flapping Motion with hand weights – as shown
Scapular Stabilization Exercises – as Shown – the arrows show the movement

(Credit goes to Dr. John Anderson for this wonderful info.)

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