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10 things I learned the month of June

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10 Things I learned in the month of June

As you may know, I took the month of June off from training and teaching to recharge my batteries and update/remodel my studio.  In doing so, I learned some very valuable tidbits I thought I would share….Hope you enjoy!

  1. Drink water—  Never ever has it been more clear to me as to how important water is not only for survival, but for recovery!  Whether I am sitting around, toxifying my body or being active water is ESSENTIAL to survival!  Yikes!
  2. Unplug-Like I mean REALLY unplug.  Disconnecting myself from “my” world to the point that I didn’t even know what day or time it was absolutely freed me.  No phone, social media, news, magazines NOTHING!  Just me, myself and I! Well, and the people around me. (:

  3. Be present in the moment–REALLY present.  Observing everything going on around me was unbelievable. Listening to the sounds, feeling the air, smelling the smells.  Turning on ALL my senses and BEING PRESENT not distracted by any thoughts that entered my mind was such a change for me.  

  4. Give thanks–I cannot reiterate this enough to myself!  Giving thanks for EVERYTHING I have and focusing only on that changed my attitude.  Not even letting the thought of what I DON’T have enter my consciousness allowed more thanks and gratitude to come to me.  So refreshing….
  5. Sleep—  Sleep is SO important to having the BEST attitude.  Sleep changed EVERYTHING.  It aided in detox, recovery and puffy eyes!!  I just CAN’T deprive myself of sleep.  I understand the importance of it and how easily I pushed it aside as being “not important”.  
  6. Listen to your body–if it says SLEEP, then I need SLEEP.  If it says drink, then I need to DRINK (water of course).  If it says recover then I need to RECOVER! I learned to NOT  ignore the important messages my body is constantly sending me.
  7. Journal–capturing my thoughts on paper helped me to see things with more clarity.  The act of writing is cathartic and healing, I forgot that.  My thoughts are worth more than I realized.  Putting them on paper brought such clarity to me.
  8. Meditate–this is so hard….but is it?  Just being alone with my thoughts is a form of meditation.  It happens in the morning when I drink my coffee and just think.  Spending some alone time just breathing and focusing on nothingness has been SO rejuvenating.  
  9. Laugh–and I mean BELLY laugh til it hurts and tears are coming out of my eyes.   Working those abs like I’ve never worked them before was to say the least an AWESOME ab workout.  Laughing until I cry is just what the doctor ordered.  Life is too short NOT to just LAUGH.  
  10. Don’t take life too seriously–LIVE and let live.  Enjoy the little pleasures and let go of the stressors.  Allow the little things to just roll off my back and look at the big picture, because it’s truly BEAUTIFUL!

I don’t know if this was of ANY importance to you, but for ME it was immense and I feel blessed to be able to share it and even more so if it touched you in ANY way!



2 thoughts on “10 things I learned the month of June”

  1. Amazing! Thank you for this!

    Jennifer Taylor| Corporate Accounting Director

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