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client spotllight

What did two of the mice do while the cat was away?

They trained for a half marathon of course!  Sarah and Renee took the opportunity of no training sessions in June, to lace up their running shoes and head to the streets!   With a solid cardio base and strong legs from all their hard work in sessions, the long runs easily became longer and in no time they were able to check the 13 mile practice run off their training plans!  The training went as planned and the month of June flew by!  Before long they were loading the bus at 4:30 am race day morning ready to check a goal off their lists!  Although both nervous, once the gun went off they were off and running!  The race day strategy was executed as planned and both finished the race feeling strong and accomplished.  Sarah met her goal of completing her first half marathon, and Renee set a new half marathon personal record!  We all agreed the race day ended as huge a success!!!  Here is what Renee and Sarah had to say about the training and race day experience.

What we did Right:

  1. Had an accountability buddy.  It takes a lot of motivation to stay on top of training and having someone to talk it through and do long runs with makes it easier to stay on track. And even though Anneliese was on vacation, she was always available to answer our questions and cheer us on along the way!
  2. Put a training schedule on paper.  Having a training program on paper makes it easier to stay motivated.
  3. Followed the traditional running programs and increased our mileage every week, but we didn’t skip out on our strength training workouts.  Running training is obviously important when training for a race, but the strength training days gave our running muscles a break and made us feel stronger to the finish on race day.
  4. Made our training a priority and stayed consistent.  Consistency makes a huge difference.  Sporadic training makes it feel like you are constantly starting over.
  5. Spent time training to pace ourselves.  Starting out too fast will ruin a race day experience.  We paid attention to how different paces felt and how long we could maintain those paces so we could plan a realistic race day strategy.
  6. Tried various race day foods and gels during long runs.  They say sh*t happens, but the last thing we wanted was for it to happen at mile 8 of 13.1!  We worked very hard to figure out what worked well and what didn’t during our practice runs so there were no surprises on race day.  
  7. Picked a great race route.  The Missoula Half Marathon is a great course for a first timer!  It was mostly flat with no intimidating hills or terrain.

What we would do Differently:

  1. Should’ve started out the training program with a new pair of shoes.  By the time race day arrived our shoes were worn out, and we didn’t have time to break in a new pair of shoes.  Sarah ran with new shoes, and Renee went with the old worn down shoes.  The end results of both were miserably the same.
  2. Should’ve ran all practice runs during the cool hours of the day.  Just because you can tolerate running in 95°, doesn’t mean you should make it part of your training.  I know what you are thinking…who does that?!  No one would think that is a good idea!  Well someone did, but I am not going to say who!
  3. Should’ve practiced drinking from a paper cup while running to avoid the spectacle of water up the nose, down the shirt, choking, coughing, arms flailing, almost tripping all to end up with very little water swallowed!  (Sorry Sarah!  I failed to show you the pinch and side sip!)
  4. Should’ve tried out some anti-chafing gels.  No matter what we wore during practice runs, something was always rubbing funny.  Use caution when taking your post race shower.  The water may burn in places and in a way that is unexpected and life changing.


A HUGE congrats to Sarah and Renee for NOT taking the month of June off from training and accomplishing some REAL personal goals!  

If you have a personal accomplishment you would like to share–let me know and I’d be HAPPY to get the word out and share it for you!  

Group Cycle today at Fuel Fitness Octane Studio—-you coming?  Beautiful Air conditioned space to keep you a cool rider!  12:10 – 12:50



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