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What muscles do push ups work?

Pushups target 6 muscle groups. These pack a powerful punch!

Why You Should Learn How to do a Pushup (The benefits of doing pushups)

Pushups give you an amazing looking shoulder, back and chest.

Pushups use many muscles in your body. This exercise truly uses all your major muscle groups and forces them to work together, making it one of the most efficient exercises there is.

Pushups are great for your abs. Getting a tight midsection can be challenging. Pushups, with all the strength and stabilizing required give the abs a thorough workout.

Pushups improve your posture. Good posture not only makes us look fitter, it can make you look younger.

Pushups work stabilizing muscles as well as your major muscles. This helps protect against injury.

Pushups can be done almost anywhere, without special equipment, and they are free.

Pushups teach your body balance and stability.

Pushups build confidence! (compliments of

“Why do we have to always do pushups?”  I get this question A LOT and hopefully the chart and explanation help a little bit as to WHY they are important….but mostly we do them because I like them!  HA!  (The bigger the shoulders look, the smaller the waist looks!)  Did you do your 8 pushups today??

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