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Got Energy?

Looking for the perfect gift?  The one that keeps on giving?  The perfect give for the person who’s hard to buy for because they have EVERYTHING?  Well, they might not have THIS!  Check it out….I have available to you Mala ENERGY bracelets and Chakra rear view mirror hangers.  The bracelets and hangers are made with crystals and stones that literally have energy to meet your specific needs!  You can REQUEST a bracelet if you don’t see one that meets your needs such as one that might help you sleep, build confidence, or stimulate your metabolism just to name a few.   Whatever you need I can build it for you.  The rear view mirror hangers are for balancing your Chakra’s.   If you’re feeling stressed, anxious, tired or just out of whack, hold on to the Chakra balancer and take 3 deep cleansing breaths and you’ll fee entirely different when you release it!  Fitness comes in SO many forms–not just body–mind and spirit are JUST as important.  I’m so glad I can help with ALL forms!  You know how to get in touch with me….. Health to you!



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