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Week 3 Detox

TWO A DAY WORKOUT PLAN - you can fit in two workouts a day! (it might even save you some time).

Ok people!!  We need to up the ante and little bit.  Things are getting serious the closer we get to Christmas, so this means DESPERATE measures!  It’s time for 2 a days!!  Morning and night!  YUP!  3X this week.  Don’t skip your workouts!  This is when you need to ramp it up!   Look for a fat burning recipe tomorrow to kick your metabolism up a notch!

Be with people who inspire you to become better. It’s so important to be with people who inspire you. To surround yourself with people who are just as positive as you are. People who make you feel more focused, more determined and more energized to become better. #gym #motivation #quote


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