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Workout buddies ROCK!


This is a shout out to TINA MARIE my workout buddy for 8 years.  She keeps me honest.  If I don’t “feel” like working out I know I’ll be letting TWO people down. If I need a pick me up I know she’ll be the one to deliver!  Thanks Tina for being there for ME!  If you don’t have a workout buddy and find yourself NOT working out maybe you need to FIND one!  Or get in touch with me and I’ll find one or 2, or 3, or 4 etc. FOR YOU!  HA!

Workout buddies:

  • provide accountability
  • provide laughter
  • provide encouragement
  • provide spots
  • provide friendship
  • provide motivation
  • provide inspiration
  • provide problem solving
  • and sometimes provide COFFEE!

Group Cycle today in the Octane Studio 12:10 I’ll be there, will you?

Be with people who inspire you to become better. It’s so important to be with people who inspire you. To surround yourself with people who are just as positive as you are. People who make you feel more focused, more determined and more energized to become better. #gym #motivation #quote


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