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No pain, no pleasure!


Ok, let’s face it, NOBODY likes pain in any way shape or form.  But quite honestly, where there’s pain, there’s pleasure.  You really have to understand the pain/pleasure correlation.  Pain has to exist in order for us to experience pleasure.  We can’t know one without the other.  Pain is part of pleasure.  Exhibit A:  Working out = pain (if you push yourself) Pleasure = the after effects (weight loss, better sleep, feeling of accomplishment, energy) Exhibit B:  Childbirth = pain, pleasure = a baby (until they grow up and you want to kill them).  Doing a detox = pain (suffering with headaches, lethargy, no energy) pleasure = weight loss, being clean, feeling healthy, no more cravings.  These are just a FEW of the many examples of the pain/pleasure principle!  Now go get your pain on!!!


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