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Congrats ya’ll!

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I couldn’t be happier for all my 7 day challengers!!  I offered a FREE 7 day challenge last week and am THRILLED with the results!  Not only did people lose weight, eat clean, give, win, share… they discovered their WHY!  4 people have applied for “the next step” which is my 12 week transformation program.  Congrats to Crystal P., Debbie T., Deb Q., and Lisa D. and good luck!  I still have a few slots open if you’re interested.  And a HUGE SHOUT OUT to these amazing Be YOU tiful people who have finished their 12 week journey and are taking the NEXT step on their health journey to 12 MONTHS of true transformation!  Congrats:  Kristen H., Rhonda N., and Siobhan H!  SOOOO excited and blessed to be a part of everyone’s journey!   Please show them some love and congrats!

What you resist…persists…