Contracts the transverse abdominis which is the main mobilizing muscle that compresses the abdomen. The correct way to do this requires 4 components:
*Drawing the navel into the spinefuel outside
*Lifting the pelvic floor (kegaling)
*Closing the sphincters
*Squeezing the buttocks
This must all be done while still breathing!
The most efficient way to breathe is “belly breathing.” The belly must rise while inhaling and fall while exhaling. Create a hissing sound during exhalation by putting the tongue to the roof of the mouth and pushing the air out slowly using the belly. The slow exhalation creates abdominal pressure and forces the abdominal muscles to work harder to get rid of the air.
Utilizing core key components during training sessions enables clients to
engage their transverse abdominal muscle, strengthen their pelvic floor and
get more out of their workouts by tightening up their abdominal and back muscles.
Get the most out of every repetition by:
1) Breathing slowly
2) Core bracing
3) Using abdominal muscles, not momentum
4) Putting your mind where the muscle you’re working is
5) Tucking the chin to the chest