Initially I designed the meal plan to aid in grocery shopping. I used it like a shopping list of the “better choices” to choose from. I quickly realized that it could also be used in meal planning. Here’s how it works…Build your meal around the protein.
1) Choose one protein (the size of the palm of your hand = 1 serving).
2) Choose 2 carbs (the size of your fist = 2 servings).
3) Choose 1 fat (the size of two thumbnails = 1 serving).Now you have a meal. This is for an average sized person. Obviously if you’re a bigger framed person you would adjust your serving sizes appropriately.Enjoy!

Protein Carbohydrate Fat
 Lean Meats  Whole Grains Olives
 Chicken  Brown Rice  Olive Oil
 Pork  Purple Grapes  Walnuts
 Salmon  Strawberries  Filberts
 Crab  Raspberries  Sunflower Seeds
 Lobster  Blueberries  Almonds
 Tofu  Groats  Peanut Butter
 Eggs  Legumes  Avocados
 Cottage Cheese  Oatmeal  Butter
 Protein Powder  Whole Wheat Pasta  Flaxseed
 Canadian Bacon  Romaine Lettuce
 Deli Meats  Apples
 Jerky  Onions
 Soy Nuts  Broccoli
 Soy Milk