Sadly, these used to be attached to my Hydrangea tree, but when the forecast called for snow I knew the snow would destroy my tree!  So, out I go to trim it up and enjoy the rest of the beauty from inside.  Mind you this is just ONE of THREE bouquets I got off of my little tree.  Each year the blooms get bigger and bigger and THIS year, they bent the tree over!  Here’s to the change of the season, whether or not I want it to come—it’s here.  It’s TRANSFORMATION time.  Are you ready?

New Fitness Transformation Quotes Thoughts 17+ Ideas #quotes #fitness

*Hey beauty queen! Yah, I’m talking to you….DID YOU KNOW it’s almost time? Time to kick off another project transformation! Could you be the next transformation? For 12 weeks we take you through a transformation process ONLY if you:
*want to change your life
*want to change your mindset
*want to lose weight
*want to start working out again
*want to start feeling good in your skin
*want to balance your hormones
*want to learn about true health

If you have literally tried EVERYTHING under the sun to find true health, fitness and overall wellness without success–you haven’t tried the Enlightenment transformation program.  Is it YOUR turn now?  Are you REALLY ready to try something that WORKS?  If this is YOU, then APPLY to see if our program is the right fit for YOU!

Share Share Share the love with others looking to change their LIVES!

New Fitness Transformation Quotes Thoughts 17+ Ideas #quotes #fitness

Behold my very first charcuterie board!  I picked up this adorable little plate when I was in Italy.   I just LOVE it.  So, I wanted to recreate what we experienced in Italy.  It was good–but not quite the same.  I’m getting better, but here’s what I threw on there:

  • sun dried tomatoes  with olive oil drizzled over them
  • sliced avocado
  •  fresh goat cheese with pepper jelly on top over rice crackers
  • artichokes in oil
  • calamata olives (should have been green)

Now, since this plate–I’ve really been getting better at it.  What are YOUR go to’s?

Today is SPINNING!  Yup–Wednesday’s are going to be SPINNING days now!  WOOP!  Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50 Who’s coming??

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   Sometimes you don’t know what you have until you’ve lost it. Like, remember when you used to work out back in the day? And now you can’t even remember what that felt like?  You don’t even know where to start. 

 It’s like anything else, just start at the beginning. You had to crawl before you walked right? You had to walk before you ran. Same concept. Just start with a 10 minute walk, the more you do it the more efficient you get…. then you start adding time.   After walking becomes too easy you can start to run. Next thing you know you’ll be signing up for your 1st fun run, Or better yet your 1st boot camp class. 

Try it for free!  BOOT CAMP TIDAT AT Fuel fitness 12:10 -12:59.  The 1st class is the worst and it only gets better from there on out!!



Here’s a pretty cool story about a girl I once knew.  I’ll call her Jane…

Jane was a real go getter.  She was a high achiever in everything she did, type A personality, fun loving easy going, extroverted and pretty much everyone’s friend.  She loved life with abandon, but weirdly enough, didn’t really love herself.  When she finally realized this–she was at a pretty low point in her life.  She just had a baby, gained a ton of weight, was alone in a marriage and trying to manage life with a newborn living far away from her support system.  Sure, she had the gym and used it.  She worked out daily trying to keep her demons at bay which helped her cope, but honestly she was lost. 

Jane turned to many things to find comfort.  She turned to Diet Coke, Doritos and bean dip, Chocolate chip cookies, Macaroni and cheese (Kraft was her favorite), but her guilty pleasure was ICE CREAM.  She ate to find comfort, she ate to find friendship, she ate to find relief from her sadness and loneliness.  She ate and ate and ate.  Nothing she ate fulfilled any of her needs, in fact only brought her more sadness, loneliness and depression.  

Then—some thing found HER!!  A gym rat reached out to her and asked her if she had ever lifted weights before.  The once extroverted, outgoing girl shyly said no, never….then the gym rat kindly offered to take her through a weight workout.  She was horrified, scared and embarrassed  mainly because she had no idea what to do, but gave it a shot.  It was the HARDEST thing (besides having the baby) she’d done for herself FOREVER!

After that workout, Jane felt alive again.  She wanted more and more of what these weights offered her.  All this time she was looking for comfort from food when it was the weights that gave it to her.  She started feeling empowered.  For some reason, weight training comforted her in ways that food couldn’t.  She hired this gym rat to train her and made weight training a part of her workout routine.   Her body started to respond.  The more she lifted, the stronger she got mentally AND physically.  THIS was her defining moment.  If weight training could change her life—she was certain it could her others change theirs!

I’m so glad I knew Jane.  Without knowing her and her struggles I wouldn’t be the person I am today or where I am today.  If this story spoke to you in any way please share in the comments.  If you know someone who needs to read it, please share it.  Blessings….

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A HUGE shout out to C.b. Smith at Salvo Self Defense for coming over to the Force Fitness Studio to present a GREAT seminar on self defense.  We learned how to:

  1. Avoid
  2. Run
  3. De-escalate
  4.  Fight or die

C.b. showed many different techniques on how to get out of a choke hold and a bear hug, as well as how to get away from weapons such as guns or a knives.  VERY interesting stuff and something EVERYONE should know about.  It was GREAT fun for Tim (ok, more for ME to watch Tim)  HA!!  If you’re looking for a GREAT instructor, she is offering a beginner class Saturday Oct. 26, 11:00 am at Helena Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Follow her at Salvo Self Defense!!  Thanks again C.b.!!!


Meet the queens of the house:  Sansa (black) Khaleesi (calico).  These girls run the roost here at the Swingle Inn.  As hard as we try, we really have no say in what goes on here like:  stay off the counters, quit putting your furry toy mice in your water bowl, leave the flowers ALONE, quit shedding, quit whining when you are scolded or being held…the list goes on.  But honestly, they do what they want go where they want and all without claws!  They have SERIOUS goals and NOTHING holds them back from reaching their goals!

What’s holding YOU back from reaching yours?

I love POWER STRENGTH days!  Nothing like throwing some heavy stuff around to empower the soul.  All you gotta do is show up, I’ll do the rest!  Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50

20 Motivational Quotes To Boost Your Confidence & Get You Back In Motion

Speaking of CORE!   If you’re looking for solutions to back pain, if you want to get a stronger core, or know someone that suffers with back pain,then SHARE THIS POST with them!!  I’m offering a 4 week CORE training program complete with videos and DAILY workouts all delivered via email for a mere $99! Let me know if you want to:
*Decrease back pain
*Increase core strength
*Improve your posture

Email me at: and I’ll get you hooked up!

NO BOOTCAMP CLASS TODAY!!  Fuel Fitness is installing the TRX beam!  YAY!!  So, see you Thursday!

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Look at what 4 weeks can do!!  Pictures DON’T LIE!!  It’s not always about the scale people!  Who wouldn’t love to drop clothing sizes, feel less bloated, gassy, and have MORE ENEGY in just 4 weeks!!  Take a look at Jenny’s testimonial in HER words!

Well all I just had my 4 weeks 1 on 1 with Anneliese and I’m more excited than I was before the call to share with you my small but HUGE journey…
4 weeks seems so short when not living it but it is SOOOO long when doing it! Mind you I wanted to sneak, but I was only cheating myself. Believe me i wanted that glass of wine, but I was only again cheating myself!
Knocking on the door: I’ve always thought my family and I ate healthy…well after today I know I used a lot of ingredients in my recipes that were fillers, preservatives, dairy, gluten and all that fun stuff that tastes good…well hear me out friends in just short of 30 exact days I have not had ONE OF THOSE Things!! I eat Organic, I eat and cook fresh, I eat healthy! I have been truthful to myself logging meals and trainerize daily, I have meal prepped, I have journaled, I have weighed and measured not only myself but my portions of food. I may only be 4’11”, but its a short body to pack on inches easily!!
Struggles: So hear me out! I have a childhood disorder that attacks not only my joints and nerves, that now has escalated to my bowel/bladder, and female organs. I AM ONLY 41, living in a nightmare of a considerably healthy body, with two beautiful children and a very supportive husband. You see the picture but you don’t feel the pain. Debilitating Inflammation. Pain daily as a struggle thru my job and have to go part time, stuck on the couch, I stand with a cane on the weekends to join my family. i couldn’t play in the yard, basketball or go on the family walk. Doctors appts from neuro, gastro, gyno, rheumatoid, biofeedback, natural path, injections, auto immune meds galore…you name it I paid for it!
I’m just uncomfortable in my own damn skin. So i turn to yoga…yes i am a yogi at heart…BUT THAT didn’t fix me.
Knocking the Walls Down/ IM IN: Making the plunge to join Anneliese, after over a year of her beloved hubby saying just do it…there’s NEVER a good time!!!
So I did. I was and have been fully vested! I will get healthier and not have to replace joints so young!
My Journey: Its been tough, its been real hard with a family. They are in 100%.-and I know that my children will respect we showed them healthy. I feel like I gave my 100%, but still my goal was weight..that damn scale..
I get to say today that THE SCALE WINS!! To date i have lost 3.2 lbs. BUT i have lost 7 1/2 inches!! I’m feeling stronger, leaner, much more energized, and no more bloat…and most importantly HEALTHIER! Now i know why we take before and after pics, they make you look at that beautiful you that is pushing you!! I can’t wait for the next 30 days

GROUP CYCLE TODAY at Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50 are you gonna make it today???  See you SOON!!!!

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If you would have asked me what it felt like to be 55 years old I NEVER would have guessed it would feel like this!  Honestly, I don’t know what it’s supposed to feel like, but I can say it doesn’t feel like that number looks…OLD!  I used to think 55 was so old!  WOW—it’s NOT!!  55 really IS just a number.  I never could have dreamt that I would be doing what I do for the last 28 years.  I mean, I still teach classes at Fuel Fitness 3 days a week, train clients in person as well as coach clients online and I don’t feel a day older than when I started (ok, maybe a little older, but DEFINITELY wiser)!  Yes, I’ve had my fair share of injuries to work through, yes my body is DEFINITELY changing which reflects my age like my eyesight, my flexibility, and my stamina.  But for the most part, I feel GOOD, like really good!! What I think has saved me is EXERCISE!  I mean CONSISTENT EXERCISE along with a few other constants.

Consistency is the key to life!  Like, being consistent with:

  • eating clean at least 80% of the time
  • working out 5 days a week minimum
  • getting 7-8 hours of  sleep EVERY night
  • drinking WATER more than any other liquid
  • keeping stress levels at bay

These are the things I’ve really tried to practice over my 55 years of living.  I must say I’ve gotten much better at it as I got older mainly because I could TELL my body was aging, therefore it became more important to me.  These things took priority because I wanted to age as SLOWLY as possible.   Now, I KNOW it’s hard to make ourselves a priority sometimes, when there are SO many other things and people that take precedence in our lives (so we think).  

BUT I guarantee you one thing….you AREN’T getting any younger–so, you might as well focus on you before it’s too late!  I give you permission!  MMMWAH!  (you’re welcome).

Age is an issue of mind over matter. Mark Twain quote. #hellolovelystudio #aging #quote #marktwain #midlife

Ok, here’s yet ANOTHER Italy post!  I’m sorry…I just can’t say enough.  This was actually part of our breakfast choices FIGS freshly picked from the tree growing right next to our Agritorismo.   I just HAD to share with you not only do they taste amazing, they have some health benefits as well!

Health Benefits of Figs (Anjeer):
To give you a gist of the many benefits of figs, listed below are the most efficient benefits that have improved the health and well being of we humans. Have a look!
1. Induces Weight Loss/eases constipation: due to the high fiber content
2. Improves Heart Health By Preventing Coronary Heart Disease: rich in fatty acids essential for heart health. 

3.  Prevents breast cancer post menopause:  effectively reduces free radials and cancer causing elements.

4.  Regulates high blood pressure:  they contain the right amount of potassium that helps in reducing high blood pressure.

5.  Helps strengthen bones:  Figs have both calcium and phosphorous which help in preventing osteoporosis.

These are just a FEW of the amazing health properties figs possess….AND they taste SO good!  Go get your figs on!

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Today is Thankful Thursday!  Why?  I was blessed by an amazing friend (an angel on earth) who delivered  some goodies to me from her garden along with this beautiful bouquet of sunflowers.  But I don’t see JUST some flowers in a vase.  No, I see something else very special….do you see it?  Drop me a note in the comments if you see it too!  THANK YOU angel friend!  MMMWAH!

Power Strength Thursday!  Today at Fuel Fitness we be hoisting around some heavy stuff!  You gonna make it today?  12:10 – 12:50


OMG!  This girl!  This girl right here has a story to tell you!!  But first let me share a little bit about her journey these last 12 weeks…When she came to me she had literally tried EVERYTHING on the planet to lose weight and had just come to the decision that this was her body.  She really didn’t think anything she could do would change that until now.  Please read:

(I apologize in advance this will be lengthy but I need to say this)
12 weeks ago today I heard the following phases that impacted me greatly
No more coffee
No alcohol for 10 days
No dairy
Drink 120 oz of water a day
And you will document everything you eat.
Although I said yes to Anneliese in my head I really didn’t hear anything else she said after that.
I knew I had made a financial commitment and My God that was my WHY at the time. I was tired of being tired and had tried everything. You see I worked out all the time but never lost weight and was actually gaining it. For a long time I convinced myself I looked Ok, tried to convince myself I liked what I saw (but really deep down I was angry at myself) I felt one way on the inside and look so differently on the outside.
I had followed Anneliese on Instagram for many years along with many other trainers and yearned to look like “them” but I never wanted to get outside my comfort zone. I new it was my nutrition but I told myself if I just work out harder I will lose the weight.
So 12 weeks ago I called Anneliese and I asked for help. I told her I can’t do this by myself but I don’t even know if I can change. She asked me to trust her and follow her lead. I did everything she asked even when I didn’t want to. My initial objective was to lose weight but OMG I have lost soooo much more than just weight. She taught me that weight is more than working out and nutrition. it’s about Mindset and Spirit 2 areas most trainers never talk about. I started my journey hoping to loss to weight but over these weeks I see food, myself, and my future differently.
My goal was to lose 20 pounds and although I didn’t meet my goal I would have never thought I would look like I do in just 12 short weeks.
However I’m not done yet. I still have lots of physical and mental goals for myself! I turned 50 this year and I AM GOING to live this decade better that the last 2. I look forward to the NEXT 6 months having this Awesome Tribe along my side cheering each other on.
BMI: 30.41 to 28.4
Lost 5% of body fat
Lost 14.5 pds
Total inches lost 13in
Oh it’s been 84 days of no coffee and I don’t need it anymore and feel great
I have don’t drink beer anymore )which I loved) and only drink once a week – 2 glasses of wine
I journal my food everyday
I eat very small amounts of dairy – no cow dairy tho
And I Love Lots of water. I drink a average 90-100oz everyday. It’s my new norm!

SOOOO proud of this girl!!  She’s going another 6 months in the Empowered Living program!  Can’t wait to see what that brings!  CHEERS!!!

Yah baby YAH!  It’s GROUP CYCLE again today!  It’s time for a GROUP FAVORITES playlist!  Email you favorite tunes you can Spin to and I’ll do the rest!  Tunes, sweat, fun!  What else do you need?  Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50 See you soon!

Indoor Cycling and Spinning Class Motivation: Be Different - Indoor Cycling Teaching Ideas and Music Mixes. #spin class #spinning #indoorcycling #motivation

Mindset Monday.   Making good food choices is truly just a mindset.  You always have the choice.  Sure it might take a little prep time on your part, but that’s a choice too!  You can CHOOSE what you want to eat every day!  You can CHOOSE to workout, or miss.  It’s all up to you and it’s just merely a mindset shift!  What’s yours gonna be?

You are being presented with two choices. Evolve or repeat. Change your mindset, change your life. Inspirational quotes for the soul. Gypsy soul and magic mindset. Positive vibe life. Connect with your higher energy. Success tips.

I was in Italy….right?  One of our stops was at a Cashmere goat farm.  It was SO awesome.  We learned all about cashmere, how it’s harvested, how to care for cashmere goats, got to feed the goats, met their dog protectors and then had an amazing lunch.  WOW, these people know how to live!     

Congrats to all the graduates of the 5 day “Getting to the CORE of it” challenge!!  It’s been a great week ya’ll!

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