You can have ANYTHING you put your mind to.  What you think, you become.  You are what you believe.  Ever heard these sayings before?  Do you find yourself  “trying” to be positive, but the negative creeps in and takes over.  

Self sabotage is one of the biggest weight loss pitfalls out there.  We’ve all experienced it.  We’ve all done it a time or to and continue to do it over and over…..WHY??

This is just one of the many mindset topics we tackle in the 12 week transformation program.  Mindset is CRUCIAL to weight loss.  If you don’t have your mind in the right place success won’t find you.  Believing that you CAN succeed and HOPING you can succeed are two opposing thoughts.  One always trumps the other.  Do you know which one it is?  

If you NEED help transforming your mind and FREEING yourself from self sabotage…the 12 week transformation program could be what you’re looking for.  Are you ready to be free?

**Accepting applications right now for the next launch of  the 12 week Enlightenment transformation program.  Launch date is July 29th, so get your application in NOW!!**

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Got Basil?  Basil is AMAZING stuff.  Not only is it fragrant it’s one of the most versatile herbs out there.  You can cook with it, eat it fresh, muddle it or use the oil from it.  But MAYBE you didn’t some of the amazing health benefits of Basil.

  • Basil is a good source of magnesium
  • Basil promotes blood flow
  • Basil is a good source of Vitamin A
  • Basil promotes healthy eyesight, and because of eugenol (a major component of the oil produced by basil’s leaves) it has also been shown to be an effective anti-inflammatory in the same vein as aspirin and ibuprofen.

The farmers market is a GREAT source to fresh Basil!  Go grab yours

Taking applications for the 12 week Enlightenment transformation program.  Kick off is July 29th!  Apply now to get your slot.  **Space is limited!**

Power Strength in the Octane Studio is happening today with a little “twist”.  Come and get your TWIST fix!  12:10 – 12:50 Fuel Fitness

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Enrollment is OPEN and we’re accepting applications for the 12 week Enlightenment transformation program! Are you ready to finally say yes to YOU? Timing is everything…. so if you’ve been wanting to change your life forever, but it’s just “never the right time” well let me tell you, you’re reading this because… IT IS THE RIGHT TIME!
If you:

*need accountability
*need help with where to start
*need a meal plan
*need a personal trainer to customize a workout plan
*need to lose weight
*need to feel good in your skin again
*need to have energy again

++++Then APPLY!!+++++

Let’s see if this program is what you NEED!

We kick off July 29th, so get your application in asap.


Today is your BOOT CAMP day with a very special guest! Gotta show up to find out who and what and WHY! Say you’ll be there! Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50 Don’t miss this!


Motivational and Inspirational Quotes for Bravery and Determination

Meet Jerri!! She just completed our 12 week Enlightenment transformation program and loves her new life! She has tried everything to lose weight without long term success until NOW! Check it out!


Happy Tuesday! You know what day it is right? It’s NOT what you think it is…’s BETTER! You’ll have to show up to Fuel Fitness today at 12:10 – 12:50 to find out! You won’t be sorry!


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Hey ya’ll what are your plans for motivation Monday!  What are you gonna do to MOVE today?  

I was fortunate enough to get out and hike our beautiful Mt. Helena with 2 of my besties!  Tim and Renee Q.  and her every so faithful pup Klover.  

I’m throwing out a challenge to ALL my friends to get out and enjoy the great outdoors and all that it has to offer and POST a PIC!  I LOVE seeing what you’re all doing!



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OMG!  If you haven’t tried these little beauties get yourself to farmers market tomorrow and GET SOME!  I’m talking about MICROGREENS! 

What are they?  

Microgreens are young vegetable greens that are approximately 1–3 inches (2.5–7.5 cm) tall.

They have an aromatic flavor and concentrated nutrient content and come in a variety of colors and textures.

Microgreens are considered baby plants, falling somewhere between a sprout and baby green.

That said, they shouldn’t be confused with sprouts, which do not have leaves. Sprouts also have a much shorter growing cycle of 2–7 days, whereas microgreens are usually harvested 7–21 days after germination, once the plant’s first true leaves have emerged.

Microgreens are more similar to baby greens in that only their stems and leaves are considered edible. However, unlike baby greens, they are much smaller in size and can be sold before being harvested.

This means that the plants can be bought whole and cut at home, keeping them alive until they are consumed.

They are great additions to salads, taco greens, smoothies, sandwich toppings and this list goes ON and on!  I’m ADDICTED!  You gotta try them!

Shout out to Kelly Calnan @nlfarmmicrogreens for being so photogenic and fun!  Go check out her booth at the Helena Farmers Market: Northern Lights Farm

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Do you hate to lift weights?  I used to be that way.  I think it was mainly because I was self conscious and had NO idea what to do in the weight room.  I just thought that if I did cardio that would get me everything I needed for my health and well being.  I was the definition of a cardio junky!  I just couldn’t get enough. 

Yah, yah, yah…I HEARD that strength training was “important”.  But I really couldn’t bring myself to do it.  I just didn’t feel comfortable in a weight room.  I was flat out embarrassed.  

Then one day—a dude asked me to spot him on the bench press.  First of all, I was trying to leave, second of all, I was terrified.  He was very kind and SHOWED me what I needed to do and then asked me to try the bench press myself and he would spot me.  YIKES!!! WHAT??

Well, let me tell you….it was LIBERATING!  The next day I was SO SORE but I loved it.  (I’m sick that way).  So, I asked him to teach me all he knew.  (Turns out he was a trainer–go figure).   I couldn’t get enough.  It was SO amazing to watch my body transform.  I could start to see MUSCLES that I never saw before.  I literally felt so much stronger in my push ups, my squats and in everything I did.  SO much more energy.  WOW!   SO EXCITING.  And the rest is history….

The point is:  you don’t know, what you don’t know until you KNOW!  You KNOW you should be lifting weights right?  But if you don’t really know HOW, it’s pretty hard to force yourself to do it ESPECIALLY by yourself with everyone staring at you.  HA!  (Just so you know, nobody is staring at you, cuz they’re all worried about being stared at – for the most part.)  Quit trying to force yourself to do something you don’t feel comfortable with–all you have to do is ask!  

Ask for help!  There is NO shame and NO harm in asking.  In fact, you will be so glad you did.  There’s NOTHING like feeling your strength improve EVERY time you do it again!  The more you do it, the more you’ll WANT to do it.  It’s so very empowering, trust me!

Got questions?  Hit me up!  You know where to find me…


Speaking of lifting weights?  You coming to Power Strength today?  We’re gonna throw some heavy stuff around.  Just GIVE IT A TRY!  See you soon.  Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50 OUTSIDE!

It's A Good Day To Lift Something Heavy


Who’s YOUR tribe?

Do you have a group of friends, family, confidants, or significant other  you can rely on to support you, hold you accountable and show up for you?  

Because let’s face it…we’re really ALL in this together!  It’s proven:  people who sweat together, show up together, STAY together!  It’s harder to miss a workout when you know others are there counting on you.  There’s something to be said about misery LOVES company.  And we LOVE to complain and groan together right?  

Not only does working out with a tribe build camaraderie, it builds long lasting relationships.  Being a part of a tribe sets a standard of encouraging one another to make it through that one last set.  It provides a sense of pride and accomplishment of another job well done. Being able to high 5 each other afterwards is SO rewarding and empowering. 

So, WHO is your tribe?  And if you DON’T have one GET one!  If you can’t find one…GET IN TOUCH WITH ME and I’ll totally help you out! 

Cheers to sweating together and achieving a common goal:  TRANSFORMATION!  

Speaking of transforming…you coming to BOOT CAMP today?  I think there will be some SPRINTING involved.  You coming?  Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50 OUTSIDE!

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I’m sorry, but I just have to share….this marinade is OUT of this world.  Hardly any ingredients, super easy to make and tastes AMAZING!  Give it a whirl!

Grilled Lime Chicken Marinade

4 – 5 oz. skinless, boneless chicken breasts

2 T. olive oil

1 tsp. lime zest + 2 T. fresh lime juice

1 ½ tsp. paprika

¼ tsp. phs (pink Himalayan salt)

1/8 tsp. ground black pepper


In a large bowl, place chicken, 2 T. oil, lime zest and juice, paprika, salt and pepper.  Mix to coat chicken.  Marinate in refrigerator for 20 minutes.  Then GRILL!  YUM!

( You can substitute lemon instead of lime, I just REALLY like how lime makes it pop!)

It’s a Spinning kind of day.  Time to get your Cycle on!  See you soon:  Fuel Fitness Octane Studio 12:10 – 12:50.  Let’s GOOOOO!



You can CHOOSE!!  Every day you are blessed enough to have a choice to make it a great day or not.  Every day is a new day to be BETTER, stronger, more efficient, etc.  

So that means every day is a DO OVER!  You can CHOOSE to get back on that horse that kicked you off over the weekend with BBQ’s, 4th of July celebrations, lack of sleep, dehydration and what not.  You can CHOOSE to be a Ninja about getting back on track!  

We really had a GREAT 4th of July live in the Enlightened Group ALL about being VIGILANT!  Ninja’s are JUST that.  They are vigilant.  They don’t give up–they have FORTITUDE to push through until their goal is met!  

So I say to YOU….what do you need to be a NINJA about today?  Comment below your intentions!!!

DO IT!  It’s YOUR day–seize it!

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Vacationing is hard! I mean… let’s be real. The fun, the food, the weight gain… its tough.  So, yah sounds like I’m complaining– but I’m really not, because my philosophy is YOU GOTTA LIVE! It’s literally what I preach.  But here’s the kicker…. YOU CAN’T LIVE EVERY DAY.  Right? It’s truly about balance.  

Once you reach your ideal body weight it’s actually tougher to maintain it.  The easy part is losing it.  

It’s not about deprivation EVER! It’s not ONE SIZE FITS ALL.  It’s about what works for you. And discovering that.  It’s pretty hard to figure that out alone, but because I’ve been at this for… ok 28 years, there! I said it…. I’ve got it dialed in. 

It’s SUPER fun helping others dial it in. 

Yes, I gained 6 lbs vacationing for a week, but I know EXACTLY what to do to get it off in the LEAST amount of time.  

By following protocol I’m already down 3.2 lbs in just one day.  Ok,  ok…. a lot of that is water, but what happens when that’s back to normal?

Stay tuned and find out—

Cheers to vacations and living!

It’s BOOT CAMP WEDNESDAY! You ready for some Bosu? I’m thinking the weather may not cooperate.  So we may be inside.  Fuel Fitness 12:10-12:50. See you soon!

Taking the first step to change is ALWAYS the hardest! Once you take it, there’s never regret only more change. 

It’s pretty easy to get off track when traveling.  OH there’s so many temptations and fun places to eat.  I mean just LOOK at this view!  

ANYWAY, as you may or may not know, we just returned from a road trip (13 hour road trip by car mind you).  So, I wanted to share with you what to do and what NOT to do!

This is WHAT to do:

  1.  Pack a cooler IF YOU CAN!  I packed cottage cheese, berries, bell pepper strips, homemade trail mix, apples and TONS of water.  
  2. Every time you pee, DRINK to replace it! (Yes, there were many pit stops).  
  3. Bring GUM to keep your mind and mouth busy.

This is what NOT to do:

  1.  Pack a cooler for on the way back home TOO!
  2. Don’t substitute pop or alcohol for water!
  3. Avoid chips, popcorn, pretzels SNACKY food when you’re vacationing = water retention

It’s truly easy to eat healthy on the road if you choose your restaurants wisely.  This is a simple grilled salmon with salad and it was FANTASTIC!  You CAN be smart if you plan and prepare.  

It’s also truly easy to be UP 6 pounds in weight when you return back home by following the NOT to do list!

To be continued….I plan to be back in my weight range by next Monday!  Stay tuned and plan, prepare and SUCCEED!



Group cycle with me today in the Octane Studio!  12:10 – 12:50.  All you need to do is get there and I’ll do the rest!

Spinning seems so intimidating until you realize it is just a healthier version of a night club...

You know it’s time to see family you haven’t seen when you move heaven and earth to make it happen right?  Well, that’s what we did, was travel 13 hours to converge on beautiful Carbondale, CO to see family we haven’t seen in 20+ years.  

Was it worth the trip?  HELL yah!  Did we cram a lot of visiting in a short time?  ABSOLUTELY!  Did we stay in an amazing Air BnB with amazing views?  100%!  

There’s something to be said about family.  And that is:  Family sticks together through thick and thin.  These people would give you the shirt off your back AND even take you to a mechanic in town to fix a leaky water pump!  

I love my family!  Here’s to ALL the family reunions that are going on this summer!  

Are you going to one?

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 Transformation isn’t hard, stagnation is hard. 

 I used to think changing my lifestyle was too hard so it was easier stay the same. But what I found was being unhappy was harder than changing. 

Once I got over “myself”  and realized just how unhappy I was, and unhealthy,  I knew it was time to make a change.  My self -destructive behavior had to come to an end.  

So I made it happen. 

 I took one baby step at a time.  As I started to see my body change I became happier and that was extremely motivating. Motivation to see MORE change can take a person a very long way.

Truly, that 1st step was  the hardest, admitting I needed help and then asking for help. I am so glad I did. Hiring a coach was the smartest thing I ever did for myself. 

Turns out it really wasn’t as hard as I made it out to be.  It literally was all in my mind…. what I had created.  

Whew! I’m glad my unhappiness was my motivator to change. 

  • What’s yours?


Power strength today!! Show up and see what goodies lie ahead.  Fuel Fitness 12:10 

Take the leap and the net will appear….

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