Feeling so blessed today for this one.  

I remember when I dreamed of being fit with a fit partner one day.

Want to know how we found each other?  Actually…a mutual friend introduced us!  Was it a match made in heaven?   Well, not at first.  I  didn’t think I could hang with this guy who mountain biked, road biked, skate skied and did triathlons.  I just didn’t think I could keep up.  Although I worked out, I didn’t think I was “fit” enough to attract someone like Tim.  I was a runner and a gym rat.  Funny thing is…he thought the same thing about me!! 

We both became what the other person wanted.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that you don’t attract what you WANT, you attract what you ARE.

So if you want your partner to be more fit, it’s an opportunity for you to become the example and set the pace for you both.  Tim made me rise up to the occasion.  He pushed me past my comfort zone, supported me and I did the same for him.  Does he really like coming to my classes?  UM….that’s a BIG no!  HA!  But when he does, he’s always glad he did.  He supports me just like I support him!

So, if you want to attract a fit and healthy partner, you need to be that first.

This may sound like tough truth…and for you it may be.

Yet there’s no way around it, if you want to be with someone with strong values, they will want the same if you have those values too.

It’s not an excuse to not love yourself or beat yourself up until you have a certain body, that’s only going to hold you back.

But it’s like Jim Rohn said, “if you want things to get better, you have to get better.”

And it’s not bragging to say, with total transparency and gratitude, one amazing reason we have each other today…is because of decisions we made for ourselves a long time ago.

That’s my experience, and our story.

I love you, Tim.  Thank you for being the person I dreamed of, and for working on yourself until we found each other.

You’re a dream come true. 🙂

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