How blessed am I to be able to HELP people reach their BEST versions of themselves.  Check out my dear friend’s transformation!  I couldn’t be prouder or happier for her.  In her words:

90 day recap…, it has flown by!!!!! I am down at least 20 lbs (old scale was off, not sure how much) and the following inches: chest 3, waist 5, butt/hips 3.5, thigh 2 and calf/bicep 1

Those are just the scale wins, as you can see, things look and feel quite different!!! I have more energy, my clothes fit loosely rather than feeling stuffed into them, folks notice how much better I’m feeling and looking! It’s been a mood booster to eat better and see results, I definitely had been eating bloaty empty carbs, lots of sugar and not enough veggies at all. Now I don’t even crave chips etc like I used to and have found healthier versions of sweets if I do need a fix!

I’d say one of my biggest wins was in food and meal prep. I started my journey feeling like I was going to starve cause I didn’t have any ideas what to cook with just veggies and proteins we had for detox. Then I started trying some things and found that I was pretty good at coming up with yummy options that didn’t involve cheese/dairy and breads! I like to eat, so it has been a relief to know that I can still make good stuff without all the added ingredients and processed items! 😂

I have struggled with getting in workouts and not feeling like I’m not having time with my toddler or losing out on what little sleep I get, having said toddler. My goal for next months is to get in workouts on my days off for sure and then workout a couple other times a week.

Congrats girl!!  You’ve EARNED that transformation!  For more information on how you can transform your LIFE check out my 5 day FREE challenge starting April 8th!!  Apply here:

Spinning is gonna happen TODAY at Fuel Fitness in the Octane Studio at 12:10 – 12:50 you coming?

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