Did you know the average weight gain between Thanksgiving and New Years Day is 7 – 10 pounds?  That’s CRAZY!  What’s even MORE crazy is knowing this information and not doing anything about it!  SO, to keep you aware and in the present moment, I’ve designed a 40 day MINDFUL challenge to keep you MINDFUL!  It starts on Thanksgiving Day and ends on New Year’s Day!  It’s SO easy a even a MINDFUL HUMAN BEING can do it!  Here’s how it works: 

  1.  Download and print the calendar of events
  2.  Cross off each day you complete the event
  3.  Turn in your TOTAL days completed to anneliesetrainer2@gmail.com 1/1/19 before midnight.
  4. Each day you complete enters you into a raffle for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place prizes!! The more days you complete, the more entries you get into the raffle.  
  5. Winners will be announced January 2, 2019

The ONLY way you can play is to ENTER the challenge through this link!  Share with your family or friends you think would like to stay MINDFUL during the holidays!  The more the merrier!


The mind is like water. When it is turbulent, it is difficult to see. When it is calm, everything becomes clearer.

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