The scent of a rose has the highest vibrational energy of all living things.  Just one smell and you are elevated to a different level.  Everything has a vibrational energy, that’s why like attracts like.  The law of attraction never fails.  What you think you become….if you think you will always be fat, you will always be fat.  You become your thoughts.  Your basic core beliefs, attitudes, perceptions, behaviors, are accepted as fact and become the truth.  How do you change it?  How do you turn it around?   With mindset exercises of course!  My 12 week transformation program works specifically on changing old behaviors and thought patterns that led you down the rabbit hole.  There is a way out….find out how!

Group Cycle today is gonna be CRAY CRAY!  Won’t you come and play?  There’s air conditioning—did I say air conditioning?  YES!!  I did!  See you soon…..12:10 Fuel Fitness Octane Studio.  Be there!!

What you think….you become….