It’s so interesting all the prep that goes into party planning.  As you know, Tim is a HUGE Rams fan right?  Well, when they made it to the Super Bowl I just knew there was going to be a party.  So, for the last 3 days we’ve been prepping!  If you’ve ever planned a party then you know how much time, energy, decorating, grocery shopping, meal prepping and cleaning it takes to pull off a great shin-dig.   I was just thinking wouldn’t it be cool if we all spent that much time, energy, grocery shopping and meal prepping on ourselves?  We would literally be SO prepared, successful and organized  not to mention feel accomplished!  But we don’t….why?  I guess it’s a lot of work?  Yah, but it’s so worth it.  The party was was a hit, everyone had fun.  The food was phenomenal (great group effort of course).  But most of all the COMPANY of friends and family… priceless.  Just think…you can have the company of friends (co-workers) and family every lunch and dinner when you have your meals all prepped for the week.  Think of meal prep as prepping for the big game each week!  Right?  Just a little Monday Mindset shift for ya!  Too bad the Rams lost–but fun was still had by all.  Cheers!

~You only fail when you stop trying~ #quotes #Words


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