Are you a closet eater?  

  • Do you eat in secret where no one can find you or see you?
  • Do you stick to your diet religiously during the day and then when you get home in private completely go bonkers and eat everything in sight?
  • Do you eat healthy in front of everyone, but when you’re alone eat unhealthy?
  • Do you sneak food into your diet when no one is watching?  

It’s a SUPER hard topic to talk about.  No one wants to admit it, because….well…’s a secret for pete’s sake.  So, why do we do it?  One reason: 


Somewhere along the line we’ve developed a sense a shame about ourselves and use food as comfort.  After the shame from eating comes the guilt.  Shame is a focus on self, and guilt is a focus on behavior.  When we focus on CHANGING the behavior, we can then release the shame associated with it.  Shame is an amazing thing…it is the swampland of the soul says Brene Brown.  She’s done a ton of fascinating research in this area.  This is one of the many mindset  areas  people struggle with when it comes to weight loss.  

If this speaks to you in ANY way, please feel free to PM me or comment below.  The hardest part is talking about it, but knowing there is someone out there who gets it, sure makes it easier.  Love and hugs….

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