When I first formed my business, I really searched to find a name that reflected what  I wanted my business to represent.  I sent it out to the universe and low and behold came up with my name AND what it represented IN MY SLEEP!  FORCE stands for:  Focusing On Results by Creating Empowerment!  This just speaks so clearly to me as to what my mission is in helping people.  As a result, the people I help become a FORCEthey are FEARLESS, ORIGINAL, RESILIENT, CONFIDENT and EMPOWERED!  For all of those who work with me, thank you for being a FORCE and representing!  For those of you who don’t “YET” are you READY to be empowered?  Are you ready to be a FORCE?  ❤

It’s gonna be a toasty one today…  BRING WATER!   Sunscreen, lip balm, hats whatever it takes to be SMART in the sun.  Boot Camp will be outside Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50.  You up for some Wild Card??  See you soon!

Of course you can. If people doubt you, then they just don't know you well enough yet. You can do whatever you set your mind and hear to! #yoga #quotes #inspirational