Welcome to my world of Raynauds Auto Immune Disease.  Raynauds is a circulatory disease.  This is a picture in partial flare up.  When my core temperature gets too cold, it affects my hands and feet.  They turn completely white, then change to blue, purple and back to read.  My feet go completely numb, I have stinging and tingly sensations as well as an uncontrollable chilled to the bone feeling.  The only way to bring back the circulation is to get my body temp back up so the circulation can return to my extremities.  This phenomenon of course makes winter activities problematic.   How did I get it?  FROSTBITE!  Yup, when I was young I got frost bite multiple times from NOT wearing gloves, boots, etc.  I wanted to be cool and those things just weren’t cool!  What do I do to control it?  I really focus on eating LOTS of veggies, nuts, seeds, lean meats and try to make sure I don’t get TOO COLD!  It’s not a death sentence.  It doesn’t keep me from living, but it DOES make me more aware of other auto immune disorders that I may be prone to.  Once you have one auto immune–you CAN get others.  Can you relate?  Let me know in the comments, or PM me if you have questions.

IT’S PYRAMID time!  YAY!  Seems like it’s been forever!  You coming to Boot Camp today?  12:10 – 12:50 OUTSIDE–It’s gonna be toasty, so bring WATER and your sunscreen.  See you soon. 

 â€œYour illness does not define you. Your strength and courage does.” -Unknown…