You know…I’ve never really been a cold weather person.  I blame it on my Raynaud’s…but that’s just the story I tell myself.  Truth is, I don’t like being cold.  Yah, yah, yah I can bundle up….I know that.  So I do when I need to go outside.  And if you’ve noticed we’ve gotten our fair share of snow recently.  (Oh joy)!  So, there’s no getting around it.  A girl’s got to go outside sometimes.  BUT you know what I’ve noticed?  I’m not as cold!!  I’m not as “affected” by the cold like I used to be….TRUE story!  Want to know why??  


Would you believe when your hormones are out of whack your bodies ability to adapt to temperature fluctuations is affected.  And BOY was mine EVER affected.  Turns out my thyroid was non-functioning.  Since I’ve been on Amour thyroid meds my body is SO much better at handling the cold.  I also sleep better and I don’t have the temperature fluctuations at night like I used to.  


Get a hormonal panel run if you are experiencing extreme temperature fluctuations, hair loss, dry skin, sleep disturbance, fatigue and just general malice.  These are just a few signs of hormonal imbalance.  And I haven’t even touched on nutrition!  HA!

Get well, be well my friends!

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