These are my thoughts on what has been working for me and might be helpful to you!  I’ve really enjoyed the challenging sessions and encouragement from my friend and trainer Anneliese Swingle!  I have been working out with Anneliese off and on for a few years, but in the last 6 months all that I have learned has really paid off.   A year ago I had great difficulty doing the cardio workouts on the days not training with Anneliese. Even 20 minutes on a treadmill was a challenge. I thought I was eating healthy but learned more after reading Eat to Live by Dr. Fuhrman. I stopped eating sugar, flour, and salt. I focused on high nutritional value food for the calories eaten. With increased energy, good nutritional value food and daily exercise changed my life. Friends and family want to know how I changed my energy and body so much without looking unhealthy and sick.
Before -6 months ago. I had a hard time focusing on workouts, difficulty doing 30 minutes on treadmill, I thought I was eating health and I was taking prescription drugs for serious health problems. My BMI was 41 and my waist was over 46 inches and I lacked energy for even simple tasks. 20140728_163042
After – Today I am eating nutritious food, I can do anything Anneliese plans for me, and I now average 20 miles a week in cardio and look forward to it. My BMI is 32, I am off ALL prescription drugs, lost over 50 pounds and over 16 inches, 6.5 on my waist alone. My percent of body fat is down 25 percent. My doctors tell me that I am no longer morbidly obese and am very close to the normal range for my height and weight.  Bob
What I learned for Anneliese – (my short list)

  • set realistic goals (short and long),
  • do a food and exercise journal,
  • be aware how food impacts your body (caffeine, sugar, salt),
  • you can’t out train a bad diet,
  • make sure workout shoes aren’t broken down and causing problems,
  • use the Roller to warm up and address muscle injury,
  • working your Core can make you stronger,
  • hydration is very important for exercise and weight loss,
  • you need to sweat for results,
  • shake up your routine because your body adapts,
  • competition helps you to focus (tire flip and hovers),
  • make exercise fun with friends and
  • music can really keep your energy level high during workouts.

Thanks to customized coaching by Anneliese Swingle, good nutritional food and making my health my number one priority has worked for me. I hope this will be helpful to you too. Thanks for reading.
Bob Bartholomew

Cycling 12:10 – 12:50 I know you wanna….so showa uppa!!  

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