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OMG!  What a journey this woman has been on these last 12 weeks!  Cathi  has lost 12 pounds of fat mass, and 7 1/2 total body inches!  She’s done it the smart way.  Clean eating, and exercise.  She knows it’s a process, not a quick fix.  These are pretty amazing results and she’s not done yet!!  Way to go Cathi, we are ALL cheering you on!!!

Group Cycle today!!  Octane Studio–gotta make up for last week, so you’d BETTER represent!  Let’s DO THIS!  12:10 See you soon…..

"To be yourself in a world taht is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." Image size 6 (w) by 8 (h) inches Paper size 8 (w) by 10(h) inches - Can be used in a st