Exercises to Relieve Sciatica and Low Back Pain - Stretching exercises can help reduce sciatic pain. Your sciatic nerve runs through your piriformis, a muscle located deep in your glutes. If the piriformis gets too tight, it can impinge the sciatic nerve, causing pain, tingling, and numbness in your leg.
Not even kidding….if you are in need of a pick me up–instead of grabbing a sugar filled latte try the downward facing dog!  You’ll immediately feel rejuvenated.  Check it out!

Bosu TABATA baby!  Yup—we’re gonna do it up right AND outside even!  Boot Camp is going BOSU!  You coming?  Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50.  See you there!

Mas tem muito cuidado com quem é atraído...