It hasn’t always been easy for me.  There are plenty of days that I wake up and don’t feel like working out, eating right, being happy.  There are days I just don’t feel like being a cheerleader, a motivator, an educator, a wife, a mom, ALIVE.  But throughout the years I have come to realize that THOSE are the days I NEED “it” the most.  I NEED to workout, to eat clean, spread positivity, be a cheerleader, educator, mom, wife ALIVE!!!  Those are the days I am MOST thankful for because they make me realize how fortunate I am to be able to even HAVE that choice.  Some people don’t!  There are ALWAYS people worse off then me.  They CAN’T workout, they CAN’T eat clean, they just don’t have that luxury or where-with-all to choose health!  How blessed I am to be able to CHOOSE health and be able to share my knowledge with others.  Are you unmotivated, need a push… accountability… guidance, where-with-all?   Apply for a free 10 minute call today to find out how you can have it all!

It’s a group cycle kind of day in an Octane Studio kind of way.  You gonna come and play?  It’s gonna be CRAY CRAY!

Haha, pretty much :)