Looking at the smoke filled skies and inhaling ash really makes me realize just how much I appreciate breathing clean air.  The smoke bogs me down, makes me feel tired,  run down with itchy and watery eyes.  All I want to do is SLEEP.  It reminds me of how I used to feel ALL the time before I got my health on track.  I had NO energy, no gumption, or motivation to do anything because I was toxic.  Smoke or ash, is a TOXIN, much like sugar.  The two are very similar.  They are BOTH toxic.  Whether inhaled or taken internally the end result is the same.  LETHARGY, fatigue, exhaustion, headaches.  HERE’S the biggest difference:  ONE can be controlled!  We don’t have much control over the polluted air we breathe—sure we can stay inside and wear masks, but ultimately it’s beyond our control.  SUGAR on the other hand is COMPLETELY our choice.  WE get to decide if we want to introduce it to our bodies or not.  The choice is ours….what do you choose?

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Boot Camp is on the docket today!  Hopefully the weather is going to cooperate and we can be outside.  Just come prepared either way.  12:10 – 12:50  See you soon.  Medicine ball time….