Hey all!!  If you missed my post yesterday—creep backwards and take a gander!  We’re DETOXING!  February 1 is the magic date and THIS beautiful looking kit is what you get for $225!!  Yep–it’s true.  It’s a 30 day detox (but we’re doing it in February so you get 2 extra meals hahaha)  Ok, you know what I mean right?  So, hit me up if your interested.  I’m placing the order January 25th so we’ll be ready to go Feb. 1!  You’ll also be added to a private FB group so we can support each other and lift each other up higher and HIGHER!  Let’s get OFF the sugar and ON the health wagon!  GET SOME!

Um yes! When my husband and I decided 3 weeks ago to move and go to school in Hawaii, it was incredibly stressful to say the least. What I ate was put on the back burner and because of that I feel sluggish and bloated amongst other things. Today I'm back at it! This morning I ate two scrambled eggs with mini sweet peppers and mushrooms. They aren't pictured because they are just not pretty to look at. so I'll spare you! I know when I get my veggies in first thing in the morning I feel gre...

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