Thank you Amanda for sharing that your “HARD” is food, not exercise!  You’re not alone.  So many people struggle with the food aspect of their training program.  Be assured that it doesn’t have to derail you from reaching your goals. 
Here are some practical tips:

  1.   Hire it out!  So many online  companies now offer FRESH food delivered right to your door and YOU get to choose your menu.
  2.   Online not your thing?  You can swing by “Dinners Done Right” or other handy prepared healthy food joints on your way home from work.
  3.    Too spendy?  Find someone who’s hard is EXERCISE but they have the food piece figured out….TRADE with them.  
  4.    Whatever you do…..DON’T give up!  Find a way to make the food your EASY!  

Got more ideas?  SHARE them right here!   Reach out—network—SHARE!

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