Ummm, yup–that’s me.  I’m WAY out of my comfort zone.  Like, I’m a gym rat for pete’s sake.  I haven’t been on a tennis court since???  Middle school?  Pretty sure that was the last time I took lessons and actually played.  So, yah–Tim and I hit the courts to “mix things up” a bit.  WHAT a hoot!  

Let’s face it, I’m a cheerleader, not really a jock.  I mean I’m coordinated, but apparently not agile or fast on my feet BUT was it ever fun?  Full of laughs and great memories.  

So, my challenge to YOU???  Is GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE AND INTO THE FIRE!  That means, step out of your own way and do something you wouldn’t normally do.  You gotta mix things up.  Keep your body wondering what’s gonna happen next!  

What are YOU gonna do to step out of your comfort zone??

BOOT CAMP is a GO today–hopefully outside!  I think it’s POD time!  You ready for some PODS?  If you don’t know what those are–you just gotta show up to find out!  Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50 see you soon!

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