You know it’s time to see family you haven’t seen when you move heaven and earth to make it happen right?  Well, that’s what we did, was travel 13 hours to converge on beautiful Carbondale, CO to see family we haven’t seen in 20+ years.  

Was it worth the trip?  HELL yah!  Did we cram a lot of visiting in a short time?  ABSOLUTELY!  Did we stay in an amazing Air BnB with amazing views?  100%!  

There’s something to be said about family.  And that is:  Family sticks together through thick and thin.  These people would give you the shirt off your back AND even take you to a mechanic in town to fix a leaky water pump!  

I love my family!  Here’s to ALL the family reunions that are going on this summer!  

Are you going to one?

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