We, Tim my sister Andrea and I were fortunate enough to go to Juneau to visit my brother (shout out to Rob Campbell and his wife Milanka Campbell).  They took us the most amazing botanical garden.  The creator had vision like none other I had seen. The land was ravaged by a mudslide which toppled over many trees.  Instead of removing the trees, he tipped them upside down with ROOTS up and planted on top of those roots!  I just started thinking about how we can grow from our roots instead of our tree tops.  Our roots run SO deep and have so much character to build on.  How fortunate are WE to be able to do that if we just turn it upside down….look at the beauty of it all from a different perspective.  What will YOU plant on your roots??

Spinning today in the Octane Studio, Fuel Fitness is the name—you coming for a ride?  See you soon 12:10 – 12:50!

Grow where you’re planted….dig deep with your roots and let your imagination run wild!