Are you happy?  I mean truly happy?  Like….happiness…..  what the heck is it anyway?  Is it living carefree without a care in the world?  Is it an emotion based on situations that surround you?  Is it something  you are constantly seeking to find?  Well…for me happiness is a choice and it comes from deep inside.  I think you can choose to be happy… or not.  You can choose to react to the situations surrounding you negatively or positively.  Your attitude reflects your happiness level.  You can choose to react with a good attitude or a bad attitude.  Regardless of my situations, I always try to come from a place of love and gratitude.  I’m not perfect by any means, but I HAVE found that giving thanks daily sets me up for an AMAZING day.  Writing my gratitude down cements my love and thanks for all the good things in my life.  Immediately I’m already happier just thinking about all my blessings.  One of the things I encourage ALL my clients to do is to journal.  The 5 minute journal LITERALLY takes 5 minutes of your day and gets you off on the right foot.  You should try it!  It’s so freeing!!  Love and happiness to EVERYONE! xoxo

Hey hey hey…..let’s BOOT CAMP today!  Weather we’re inside or not….(get it?  weather) doesn’t matter, cuz either way you’re gonna SWEAT!  See you soon.  12:10 – 12:50 Fuel Fitness!

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