Fit/health facts:

  • The average adult woman eats 92% of whatever is on her plate, regardless of portion size!
  • Men consumed 90% of their food on average
  • After snacking on a serving of peanuts, you are likely to consume 21% less calories at a buffet meal
  • 5 minutes of running at a 10 minute mile pace lowers your risk of death from cardiovascular disease by 45%

Don’t forget today is Pushups with alternating leg lifts 3 sets, 16 reps!

Chilled Quinoa Salad with Green Beans
After stuffing yourself with stuffing, swap in some healthy grains in the days after.  Mix leftover green beans or any roasted veggies with cooked, chilled quinoa and fresh herbs like parsley and basil for a lean but filling treat!!


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