How fortunate am I to live where I do.  While hiking I stopped to take a look straight up from the base of this tree.  I don’t know what made me do it….curiosity I guess?  What a great idea it turned out to be.  It was amazing what I could see.  So many different colors, textures, smells, sensations.  When I just STOPPED and took a moment to soak up my surroundings and really tune into the environment I realized JUST how blessed I am.  The tree helped me block out the technological world of cell phones, computers, tv’s fitness trackers, machines, vehicles, airplanes trains I could go on forever…it was a moment in time where I could block out the world and still see the blue sky.  Through all the clutter, the noise, busy-ness,  I could still hear the birds, feel the breeze and take in the scent of outdoors.  My cup was filled.  What do YOU do to refill your cup?

Looks like a great day to CYCLE your weekend faux pa’s away. Come to the Octane Studio at 12:10.  I promise to not disappoint!  Get your cup filled….see you soon!

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