I don’t get it!  I just don’t get it, but maybe it’s me….

Sometimes I can be—out there!  I’ve just always been one to do whatever it takes to have true health and wellness.  Like, I spend ridiculous amounts of money on my health, food, supplements, massage, chiropractic, eye exams, my teeth….the list is endless.  WHY do I do it?  BECAUSE IT’S A PRIORITY to me.  

Honestly, who has a budget for their health?  No one I know…is it because it’s not a priority like our bills are?  If it’s not, then WHY not?  Do I have a budget for my health?  Nope, I guess I just factor it in as part of my bills? I look at my health as essential so I can enjoy all the other things I choose to invest in.  I don’t balk at the cost of living healthy because I know IT’S WORTH IT!  Oh, and it’s WAY cheaper than living with disease. 

I know I’m probably on the extreme end of the spectrum, but I guess I look at my health as priceless.  Meaning, I’ll spend whatever or DO whatever to have it.  The way I see it is–if I don’t have my health it doesn’t matter what I DO have if I can’t enjoy it.  Right?  Or is it just me?  

Is health YOUR number one priority?  If not, why?  I’m just curious what is…Please comment below and thank you for indulging me!  XO

You got my head spinning round right round like a record baby round round RIGHT round!  Who sings it?  You coming today?  Fuel Fitness Octane Studio 12:10 – 12:50 BE THERE!

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