Meet Sansa, she is definitely the queen of the north here at the Swingle on inn.  She runs the show.  There’s no stopping her.  She knows she’s not allowed on the table, but she wants to see what’s going on, so she helps herself up onto the TOP of the share.  She’ll sit there and just balance forever to see what’s going on.  HOW does she do it?  Well, I’ve studied her (big surprise).  Her sister Khaleesi, NEVER climbs up on the chairs.  You see, she’s quite bigger and well, she sleeps a LOT…so her balance isn’t as good.  What gives Sansa more balance over Khaleesi?  It’s her CORE!  She has amazing core strength.  There is NO place she can’t climb.  AND did I mention she’s declawed?  She practices daily keeping her core in shape.  She scales the top of the kitchen cabinets as if they are on the ground.  She doesn’t overeat, she drinks TONS of water, she hunts flys, millers, nats ANYTHING in the house she can find.  She’s got Ninja like skills and hones them in daily.  What’s the take away?  How to train your core like Sansa:  

  1. Don’t overeat
  2. Train daily
  3. Drink water
  4. Hone your skills
  5. Hunt

The end

Stay fit